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Vikki's Channel

Here is a collection of  videos which showcase the music of Vikki Lee.  As you will see, Vikki is an  entertaining performer, as well as being a skilled and dynamic songwriter, singer, and musician.


We would like to thank Bernd Töpfer, who resides in Germany

and is one of Vikki's biggest fans, for producing some of these videos.

Vikki  and Albert Lee sing a duet of her song,  "Where Did We Go Right?"

Vikki teams with Ramblin' Jack Elliott on this vintage tune

written by Jimmie Davis,  

"Nobody's Darlin' But Mine" 

Vikki Lee plays all the guitars on her version of the Elmore James  blues classic,  "Dust My Broom."

Now for some "live" performances from Vikki Lee

Vikki and Russ do Vikki's,

"Fast Girl From Slovenia"

Vikki Lee's  touching song of heartache,

"Song and Dance Cafe"


Vikki performs her song, 

"The Toad" with Russ Whitehad

A tribute to Nancy Sinatra,

Vikki and Russ perform,  

"These Boots Are Made For Walking"

Vikki and Russ yodel their way

through this Patsy Montana classic,

"Cowboy Sweetheart"


Vikki Lee salutes "The King" with her version of  "Love Me Tender" from the Elvis Presley Honeymoon House, in Palm Springs, California

Vikki Lee performs with her band Sticky Vikki and The Pinecones

The band performs Vikki Lee's song,

"Why Do I Breathe"

Vikki Lee and rockabilly legend Glen Glenn sing Glen's hit,  

"One Cup Of Coffee and a Cigarette"

The Pinecone's version of  

"Tear It Up" with special guest

Albert Lee.....This band is HOT....

Vikki Lee's song, 

"I Need A Kiss"

"I Got Your Number"

Vikki Lee wrote this song with

world renowned mathematician and sience-fiction writer Ian Stewart

"Laugh, Laugh"

Vikki performs with Sal Valentino

at Whistlestock Festival, 2015,

 Rancho Nicasio, California

Vikki's "hard rock" alter ego, Nicki Lynn and The Complications, do her song, 

"Al Capone"

"Old Ted"

Sometimes you just need a friend

A blast from the past.

This is Vikki Lee's first MTV video.

"Love's Gotta Hold On Me"

by Vikki Lee and The Convertibles

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