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"Another wonderful CD from singer songwriter, Vikki Lee. Vikki continues to capture the imagination of the listener with her outstanding lyrics, melodies, and great storytelling. "Sunspots" carries on this fine tradition with her wonderful legacy of songs and stories from the heart. I know you will love and enjoy this new CD as much as I do."
- ElvisSongWriter ..Michael Jarrett

"Cousin Vikki once again hits the spot with her individual take on our favorite kind of music, moments of sharing the stage with her are long overdue."
- Albert Lee

"I love everything about Vikki Lee's work: world-class musicianship, note-perfect lyrics and a voice that could lure ships to their doom."
~Robert Morgan Fisher

"An experienced artist with a multitude of influences, her music is as simple as a Sunday afternoon, yet as complicated as a feeling.
With catchy choruses and reality-driven style.. you will soon discover that Vikki Lee is no record label creation or passing fad: she's the real thing. It's been a great gig being her roadie and son.
-Anthony Lee


"I can't believe I am still playing, over and over the album of Vikki Lee! For me there are two songs that stick-out, namely Another Door and Margery. The melodies made me stop and listen, I would love to know, and hear more!
- Nigel Gilchrist, Owner Absolute Music, San Francisco

"Vikki Lee is a signature songwriter. Her lyrics and melodies connect with hearts and minds. Vikki delivers the truth in three chords and more with her world-class, emotion-filled voice. "Her new songs are wonderful. There are many spots for these songs at the top of any charts. She is one of the best songwriters in our national / global room now...So much heart, soul and craft!"
-Jim Blake

"With a voice full of dust and honey, Vikki Lee makes her catchy songs cuddle up to you like a comfy sofa pillow. The songs are poignant snapshots about love lost and found, magically embellished with arrangements both sparkling and soothing. A tasty journey."
- Bruce Williamson, NYC musician (Mark Levine, Bobby McFerron, Benny Green, Art Lande, Mark Isham, Jimmy Smith, Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, etc)

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